Happy Birthday, Jeff

Today marks the beginning of another decade in my husband, Jeff’s, life.  Today, December 19, 2012, he turns the big 3-0.  This means that we have spent a decade together, having fallen in love at the young age of 20 (so yes, that means that in less than a month I will be rolling to 3-0 myself).  I need to spend a minute or two bragging about the incredible man that I get to call my husband.


He truly is the yin to my yang.  Where I jump, he thinks first.  Where I speak my mind, he pleases everyone.  Where I am to be loved, he is to love (for the record he HATES when I say that)  He has taught me patience. He has taught me affection.  He taught me about our Savior, Jesus Christ.  He taught me to love myself and loves me with the closest I’ll ever know to God’s love.


When I began talking about adoption three years ago, he listened.  When I began to discuss my feelings that God was asking us to step out in faith now, he listened.  When I came to him with my plan to set aside our plans for a bit to answer God’s call, he said yes.  He set aside the visions he once had for a family.  He trusted me.  He trusted Him.



As we waded into the unknown waters of adoption, our minds were fixed on a son.  Jeff dreamed of football, roughhousing, and manly man stuff.  We never requested a boy and never didn’t want a girl.  We simply pictured a boy in our minds and fell in love with the idea.  When we got the call about a curly-topped little girl with a mischievous smile (she so gave it away even back then!) he gave his yes before I could.  His love for her has been truer than true.  He says that his love took time, but even I couldn’t see that.  He is the father that Odette deserves.  He is the husband that I don’t deserve.


Jeff, I think you’d agree that 29 was grander than grand, but I think that 30 will hold its own.


Life may not always be what we pictured, but it sure is beautiful with you!


Happy Birthday, Love.

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