The great December catch-up

I hope you and your families had a wonderful Christmas. I hope it was filled with joy, happiness, and love. I can’t let Odette’s first Christmas home pass without writing about it. I don’t think I have but two readers left, but I will one day print a blog book. (Note to self: look into how that is done.) Our December was filled with teaching Odette about the true magic of CHRISTmas and also taking in the fun family activities that the holiday always brings about.

One evening we made some snacks and piled into the car to look at a really cool light show in the area. It did not disappoint.



In our family we do Santa. If you don’t, that’s cool, too. We don’t make a huge deal out of the fat, old guy, but we did visit him so that Odette could put in her request. She asked for a dollhouse, princess dress, and baby.


Thanks to Pinterest, I was mom of the year according to Odette. (from the looks of her hair and dry face, you can see that I am no mom of the year)


We set to work painting our secret ornament projects for the grandparents. We bought them as part of a fundraiser for a fellow Congo family and had a lot of fun painting them.


Christmas at the Zoo was another stop for us. Sadly, not many of the animals were out, but the lights sure were cool.


As I wrote about before, we celebrated Jeff’s 30th birthday on the 19th. Odette was crazy excited about the day. She was sure there were going to streamers, games, and big bash. Jeff dessert of choice is brownies, but we bought a cake this year for Odette’s sake. Check out the awesome job she did signing his card!


Then just 2 days later, we got our first real snow of the year. In central Indiana we usually don’t get too much snow, but since both Jeff and I grew up in northern Indiana, we love us a good snowfall every now and then. We were blessed that the snow came with high winds and low temps and we had a 2 hour delay. Still in our jammies we ventured out to play. Odette wanted to “clean it up” at first, but then made her first snow angel. Upon standing up to look at her creation she asked if she could make Joseph next. Lol.


You all remember Daniela, the sweet girl from Miami who has written me several times and even sent us the Theo Eastern Congo Initiative chocolate bars? You will never believe how she blessed us again. She took up crocheting recently and asked if she could make Odette a scarf. When I opened the package I was amazed. It was just as she said; the colors looked perfect for Odette and the size was right on. The picture does not do it justice at all. Thank you, Daniela! (and Molly, too!)


We kicked off the start of our break by decorating a gingerbread house. We went with the preassembled version. It came with an assortment of the least enticing candy of all time. That took out some of the fun, but next year we will know to buy supplemental goodies. You will see that the bubble wrap looked to be the most fun of all.


I think this brings us up to Christmas Eve. I’m sure you’ll agree that our celebration of Christ’s birth is worthy of its own post. Hopefully I will back sooner rather than later.

See you in 2013.

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