2012 Recap {The first 5 months}

I’m a little late to the “best of” thing going around in blogland, but I thought it would be fun to take a look back at 2012 together.  Those of you that have with us for the past year can just skip right over this post, but for those of you that are newer to the blog (especially those of you adopting yourself) I picked out what I would consider the cliffnotes version of our process.

Update:  I only made it to May before I decided it was enough links for today.  Maybe later today or tomorrow I’ll be back with the second half of the year.  Here you have our wait and first few days together.


Last year during this month I was really struggling with the wait.

On my birthday I shared how I made a fun chandelier for Odette.

Then I wrote about special friends visiting Odette in Congo.

I wrote about the light that shined brightly in Odette’s room waiting for her to be home.

We rounded out January by writing the letter we never wanted to write (asking begging YOU for money).


I made my first youtube video.

I slept in Odette’s bed because I was missing her.

I threw out the idea of Odette being home on Mother’s Day.  (Yes, we were in fact in Congo with her on Mother’s Day.)

The 100th post

How about a peak at the blog’s stats a year ago?

I battled whether or not to pray.


I daydreamed about the things I’d do with Odette if she was home.

MY March Madness Bracket

I began to doubt that I could really do this.

We mailed the LAST of our paperwork


We had a successful garage sale!

I begged you to do more than buy cute shoes.

We packed, packed, and packed some more (3 posts linked)

We shared our cocooning letter with family and friends.

I gave you a peek at Odette’s room.

I worried about our marriage.


We finished packing.

The first picture on the blog that I took of Odette.

We were too busy while in Congo to blog but I did write a tearful goodbye.

Once we were home, Jeff and I worked together to write about each of our days in Congo.  There are lots of pictures of St. Anne’s, city life, country life, and of course Odette.

Travels to Congo

Gotcha Day

Day 2 together

Day 3- Mother’s Day

Day 4 (part 1), Day 4 (part 2),

Final Day


Odette talks

Odette eats


Odette sleeps



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