2012 Recap {the last of it}


This was a tough month to filter.  With it being our first real month (out of jetlag) home I was writing about a lot of transitions. I won’t link them all here, but if you click on June 2012 on the sidebar you can read them all.

We started to sort through Odette’s health status

I admitted to cyberspace that I didn’t love my daughter (yet).

Sharing how we communicate with Odette during the early days.

Odette met the town statues


I was quickly learning what being a mom was all about

I updated on our attachment


I wrote about how I care for Odette’s hair.


I once again challenged my readers to DO.

We continued to assemble the puzzle of Odette’s health.

We began to see more of Odette’s grief and loss of Congo

Odette’s readoption was complete and poop all in one post

The month ended with a raw post about Post Adoption Depression and me.


I worried about sending Odette to preschool.


Realizing that parenting a child with brown skin would have some unique challenges.

Three months home update.

I asked why our adoption went so smoothly while many others don’t.

Odette asked to wash off her brown skin.


Things slowed down a bit on the blog as I was adjusting to going back to teaching.

I shared You know you’re a mom when…


I wrote about teaching Odette through books.

Odette went to the apple orchard.



I updated on Odette’s haircare (which reminds me that I need to write another one.)

Odette “read” a book to mommy.

I learned I could bribe my child with gummy worms.

I posted an updated picture of Odette’s tummy.

We celebrated that on year after seeing her photo for the first time Odette was home and had turned into a real monster.


A stranger made my day.

I gave a shout out to my virtual adoption friends.

We celebrated Odette being home six months!


My heart shattered learning the news of war breaking out once again in my daughter’s birth country. 


Odette made her musical debut.


12 random facts in honor of 12-12-12 

And while I actually posted it in January, here is Odette’s first Christmas home.

That, my friends, wraps up our review of 2012 for our family.  It sure was a blessed year.  We are looking ahead to a 2013 that is just as special.

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