Setting aside OUR plan, again?

So last night I sat down and wrote about how we came to our decision to adopt again.  It broke down the timeline a bit and shared our process to date.  Then I read it over before pushing the publish button and realized that it was missing something big.  Umm, like how adoption got on our radar again to begin with.

Let me remind you of our plan.  We would have 2, most likely blonde-haired and blue-eyed, mini mes, one of each gender of course.  THEN we would adopt a sibling group of two.  You see, God opened our eyes to adoption, but then we were going to take it from there.  It was a case of, yep we heard You.  We’ll get around to that when it is convenient for us.

Then, as you all know, we set aside our plan and said yes to adopting first.  We were scared and nervous, but trusted that we would be guided through the process.

So we reverted to our new plan.  We would bring Odette home, have one or two biological kids first, and THEN adopt again.   In the end it would be 2 and 2.  We knew we would want to adopt another child (for a huge number of reasons), but time was ticking, and adoption would always be there.  It was expensive, emotionally draining,  and a lot of work.

How in the world then did adoption become a consideration for number 2?  It wasn’t in our plan.

Back in June of 2010 Jeff and I felt a definite burden in our hearts for adopting from Congo.  We were networking and researching agencies and were certain that our child was in Congo.  He was there.  Our son was in Congo and we needed to go find him.  We weren’t sooo sure our child was a boy that we requested a boy, but our hearts were feeling that our son was in Congo.

Our process was smooth, quick (in terms of international adoption), and really easy (in comparison to so many others).  Then when the dust settled after about 4-6 weeks home, our transition became such a natural thing that it didn’t really require much work from any of us.

But…we brought home a girl.

That’s cool.  We crazy love her.  We can’t imagine our lives without her.  She per-fect-ly fits our family.  She is the child we were to bring home.  We KNOW that.

Then, in a series of events that was written about yesterday and will be posted tomorrow, we began to wonder why everything took place the way it did. Why did things go so well?  Why is she doing do well?  Hmm, maybe, just maybe it is so we would adopt again, and adopt again soon.  No, can’t be.  Why did we get all of our paperwork approved for two children last time?  Because we wanted to be open to bringing home a sibling if one was discovered while we were in the process.  Was that the reason?  Maybe that isn’t really why we got approved for two.  Maybe, God paved the way so we would have the courage to return.  Maybe if we had brought home the son we were thinking about, things would have gone very differently.  Maybe God got sidetracked and sent us home with Odette because even He melted upon seeing her smile.

We sure began to wonder if we were missing His call to go get our son in Congo.

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P.S.  Interestingly, all of this wasn’t enough for us to throw our hearts at adoption again.  It took much more before we were sure that God was in fact asking us to give it a go once more. (stay tuned)


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