Odette and Spam

Nothing new to write about today, but since I’m trying to be more conscious of taking pictures of Odette like I used to I thought I’d share some from the past week.

Somebody didn’t want to go to bed.

Got (almond) milk? Yes, we’ve made the switch.

She was calling the baby Little A. (actually she called him by his name, but we won’t be sharing that on here until he is home.)

Where’s Odette?

After getting the movie from the library and the dress passed down from a friend Odette thinks she is now Belle.

Letter matching practice with Daddy.

You might also expect a picture of Odette eating spam. No, not so much. The title alludes to the fact that for some reason today the blog has been attacked by spammers. I have no idea why that is, but if one more comment comes through with a random Facebook profile attached I may just delete this whole thing. Ok, not really but it is making me crazy. I never had one spam comment before today and I am confused as to why they started today. Any clue?

And there you have one of the most boring posts ever. At least I gave you some pictures.



4 thoughts on “Odette and Spam

  1. Hi, this is Erica. We are having issues with our I600 application processing. Is anyone else getting lettters from USCIS asking a lot more questions than there may be answers in some situations?We’ve been told by our agency this is the way the “investigation” begins. This slowdown has put us in a huge budget crunch(not that the whole process hasn’t) Now we have to re-do our home study (not cheap) and cover foster care for who knows how many months. It’s not just as simple as waiting longer. I allowed one night for panic after receiving the USCIS letters and then got to work the next day. I love seeing Odette in all her beauty and I share her pictures and your blog to help people outside of the adoption community understand the answer to the question “why do this?” Odette and other children home with their families are my lights at the end of the tunnel.

  2. Seriously disappointed that there were no SPAM pictures – I can’t believe you would lead me on like that. 🙂 Enjoyed catching up on your blog. I was jealous of your Created for Care experience but there is no way I can fly by myself. I would still be lost wandering in the airport. I am also an introvert and quite socially awkward as well.

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