And so it has to be

Satan has reared his evil head again.

I don’t really want to go into any details, but I want to let you all know that because of something recently brought to light unfortunately I do not feel comfortable answering many of your emails any longer.  Hardly a day goes by without someone inquiring about our first agency, our second adoption, or about adoptions from DRC itself.  Because of the broken world that we sadly live in, not all people are genuine or honest in their intentions.  The last thing that I want is to play a role in someone’s misguided involvement.   I apologize to any of you that are waiting for a response from me.  I hope that you all understand my position and recognize that this isn’t because of any actions by anyone we have worked with.

The truth is that anyone can find pictures, create profiles, and hide behind a cloak of anonymity on the internet.  I’ve learned quite a bit from blogging, but I am not a detective and don’t plan on becoming one.  I’m not comfortable making the judgment call into who is real and who is not.  I’ve met (and “met”) some incredible people through this blog and cyberspace.  I love that.  I love the encouraging emails.  I love hearing about your adoption stories.  Please keep those coming.  : )

It is up for discussion as to how things will go from here on out.  I’ve got this blog, *Facebook, and YouTube to consider.  Honestly, if it was a quick and easy process to remove the connecting information I probably would have done it before publishing this.  It isn’t.  Frankly, that is most likely a good thing.  I will give it awhile and see how things come along in the days to come.

*I’m off Facebook until Easter, but will probably be cutting back my friends list a lot.

On a good note, I plan to be back by tomorrow to share pictures of my little Valentine.

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7 thoughts on “And so it has to be

  1. if you are posting this for the reason I think you are, I’m so sorry. My family is dealing with the same thing. thank you for your continued posts and for making a stand for what we know is good and right nomatter what anyone says.
    please dont cut me if you do make cuts!!! though I’m pretty sure I know why you posted this…
    I promise I’m not part of it!

  2. What is the matter with you?!?!? (That’s what I say to this “person” who is doing evil deeds!) I feel like so many others who read your blog that you bring encouragement to all of us and know that eventually, we will get there too. Thanks for that!! Praying for you and your family. {{Hugs}}

  3. This is just so depressing. I am at a loss. My blog isn’t an adoption go to but my peeps and my family all over the country read it regularly. I have been thinking about just taking the thing down but really don’t want to. Ugh, people just wreck everything. Thinking of and praying for you. Thanks for letting me tag along. cyber hugs from a cyber pal

  4. It sounds like you are as down as we are with all of the negative comments about international adoption,seemingly from parents who are already home with their children. I am waiting to build (re-build) my family and I would like all of the ethical reformers to keep their din to a low hum. I have enough issues with USCIS and the embassy slowdown to deal with. I want to share a lighter note. Our kids passports are ready! Got the e-mail yesterday. Still working on gathering what they need to prove to them this adoption is above board.Thanks to Sarah who has given us all so much with her honesty and her candor and the beautiful pictures of a child as we wait to see our beautiful children.I’m sorry something negative happened which tarnished this special time in your life. That’s not fair to you.For all of us still waiting and praying, keep at it. We can’t do anything else.Starting our home study again, with the slowdown, we have to.The state police in our state probably recognize my name by now for background checks. Since my fingerprints always failed, i have had a ton of background checks. Note, keep using moisturizer! I skipped it a lot. Head up and know you are doing a huge thing, a wonderful thing.Don’t let naysayers in.

  5. Dear Sarah, I just started reading your blog and has given me great comfort as the adoption journey can be very lonesome. Know that your words and all that you have shared have made a difference in my life. For that I am grateful. Blessings to you and your lovely family -Helen (Vancouver, Canada)

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