My Sweet Valentine

Would you believe it if I told you that one year ago today we became this beautiful girl’s parents?


Well, it’s true.  She was on another continent, living in an orphanage, and hadn’t even seen a picture of us.  Yet, we were her parents according the law of her country.

Now she’s been home just 2 days shy of nine months.  I thought I’d share how we celebrated her first Valentine’s Day and, in our hearts, the anniversary of the most special day.

I began by handcrafting some of the ideas I found on Pinterest.


Ok, those are really some of Odette’s Valentines from her classmates.  I went with faux-made Valentines from a kit at Target.  Luckily my kid didn’t know the difference.



This morning I treated her to a special breakfast and a little gift.  PB&J has become a fav so I jazzed it up for her thanks to Pinterest.


I gave her a kiss goodbye and reminded her that I love her BIG!

She seemed to have a fantastic day at school and sure raked in a lot of loot.


Then she came home to find even more Valentines in the mailbox.057

I’ve never enjoyed a Valentine’s Day more than I did this year.  She is the most precious gift!  Jeff and I will be celebrating our day tomorrow since dear friends have insisted on watching Odette so we can have our FIRST dinner out together since she’s been home.

Sarah Signature

P.S. I took down the Connect with other DRC Families page.  Luckily, a reader reminded me of it and I didn’t want to take the chance of more families being involved in the situation.  And for those who are worried, we are fine.  It is was just an alert and reminder to be more careful.


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