Warm inside (with her)

How beautiful it is to sit here inside my warm home, snuggled under an electric blanket nonetheless, listening as freezing rain and sleet hit the windows.  This teacher is hoping it goes strong through the night and leads to a 2 hour delay in the morning.  I got no shame in sleeping in a bit.

Remember the days when I would actually write something with on this blog?  I think like all we’ve had on here lately is random pictures, but sorry folks that’s what I’ve got for you tonight. I did throw on a couple of videos, too.


Some people think that Odette’s hair routine is complicated and high maintenance.  It really isn’t at all.  Just ask Jeff.  I did do a deep moisturizing treatment a few weeks ago and will probably do one again this weekend.  I’m struggling with detangling, but the treatments seem to help.


There’s not much that I love more than seeing my little sweet one becoming a bookworm.  It makes my teacher heart pitter patter.


You know what makes this little girl’s heart pitter patter?  Dresses. Chickadee loves herself a dress.  She was in heaven shopping for an Easter dress.  You’ll have to wait for a full reveal of the winning number.


She was however severely disappointed that I wouldn’t become her real-life Barbie doll and try on prom dresses.  She really, seriously, completely thought I would.


I like to think that I am pretty fun mom, but I am not that much fun, sweetheart.


Jammin’ in footie jammies


Working out to some Tao Bo, with a tiara on of course.


Freezer aisle silliness with my favorite shopping buddy


And, I’ll leave you with a couple of videos of little miss in action.

We’ve got dancing in the store.

And sledding back in January.

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5 thoughts on “Warm inside (with her)

  1. So I’m sure you’ve done plenty of research but here are some tutorials I found. They both explain detangling. One includes african threading and the other blow drying.

  2. I LOVE the random pics! p.s. Where is that hill?! Landon LOVED sledding this winter, but we just have a tiny slope in our backyard. I don’t think that will cut it next winter! 😉

    • Hey Amy! It was at west park. It really was too big and dangerous but if you just climbed part of the way up it was ok. I’ll let you know if we find a better hill.

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