Since I spotted this idea on Pinterest last month I’ve been waiting for Easter stuff to hit the stores.  Odette and I snagged a bag of eggs a couple of weeks ago, but they were literally in the process of stocking the shelves and didn’t have the candy out.  This last weekend we picked up a few bags and I promised Odette we could “egg” some friends.  With the sun shining down this afternoon, the timing seemed perfect.  We filled the eggs with sweet treats, loaded into the car, and attempted a post-dinner surprise for Odette’s best friends.  I explained to her that we had to be very quiet and would try not to be seen.  She placed the eggs and was buckled in before I ran up to ring the doorbell and drive off.  She was not at all into the idea of us just leaving so we had to covertly drive around and spy for them to come out for the eggs.  It might have taken a few texts to ask them to come out, but Odette loved seeing them collect the eggs.  She is already asking to hit up a couple of neighbors in the weeks to come. What a fun way to be reminded that the tomb was empty!

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