That first step

Sometimes it’s in overcoming fear and trepidation with the first step that you realize you can handle it.


You discover that you are not alone.


And while there is majestic beauty along the way,


you are nothing more than a rusty can bobbing in the cold waters.


Yet, He loves you and at times shields you from the elements.


And other times each step is like a battle.


In the end, He carries you.


 Are waiting to step out in faith?  Is there fear keeping you back?

Do not be afraid.

He will lead you.

Let Him.



1 thought on “That first step

  1. Jeez, been really missing Odette updates. I never realized how far behind I was on catching up on blogs. Life is crazy and I wish I could call you up and chat over some coffee b/c I resounded with so much of what you have wrote here and there. I have been missing you on fb so I went on over and then read your update and I was like ohhhh…. 🙂

    I may just have to e-mail you.

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