The 50 Million Dollar Question

Do you have an update on Little A?

I’ve been hearing that question from everyone these days. It almost catches me off-guard because I am still pretty effectively not attaching to him or the idea of him. Being completely honest though, it does get harder each day. I think back to just a couple of months ago when we thought we might be traveling in May or June to get him. That idea seems incomprehensible now.

To answer what many of you are wondering, we have no update. Boo. We do have a few new pictures, but that doesn’t do anything to bring my boy home. I am very optimistic that the process is underway even though we haven’t heard any news.

We are hanging out as a family, enjoying our time together. Our talk of Little A wanes and waxes. Odette picked out an oxford shirt for him to wear on Easter and it hurt a little to explain that he wouldn’t be here and wouldn’t be needing a new shirt.  We’ve registered Odette for summer camps since we won’t be cocooning after all, and I’ve put all plans for his room on hold.   For right now we are living life as a family of three.  It’s good.

So there, if you were wondering but didn’t want to ask, now you know. We are keeping the faith that Little A is in His hands and will be shared with us when the time is perfect.


And thanks so much for all the advice about Odette’s age.  We’ve got a lot to mull over.  Our heads are probably spinning more now than they were before.  We’ll keep you posted as we make any decisions.




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