A little girls’ day fun

With daddy away this weekend, it was by default a girls’ day.  I contemplated having a movie marathon and hanging out in our pjs all day, but then mommy guilt set in and I decided to make something of our day.  (No judgment passed if you love your movie days.)

Odette’s new gymnastics class is a little later so it left plenty of time for an early morning deep condition (she took off her shower cap after about 2 hours) and play time.



The pattern blocks were put away and a dance party was ordered.


And of course Odette insisted on shedding her pajamas and putting on proper dance attire.


Then it was time to hop in the car and drive down to gymnastics.  Grandma and Grandpa are in town celebrating their anniversary and Odette was excited to show off for them.



Can you spot her jumping over the foam blocks on the balance beam in the background?


The forecast was for temps pushing 50 and since we were already headed toward downtown I decided we’d make a trip to the zoo.  Have I mentioned how much I LOVE taking Odette to the zoo? I really see first hand how much she has learned since being home and our weekly trips to visit the animals.

As a special treat I picked up lunch for Odette to eat in the car.  She slammed her kid’s meal and explained she was hungry from her hard work at gymnastics.  I suppose, baby.



Her fish face?



All the running around and fresh air led to this.


A little afternoon nap and mommy served up the finest Tombstone I could find in the freezer.


And we snuggled in for a movie before bed.


Love this girl!



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2 thoughts on “A little girls’ day fun

  1. Love it! Odette is full of so much joy! Thanks for sharing your journey on this blog! It really is encouraging to other mamas looking forward to the day when they can bring their children home for forever!

  2. You are so lucky to be holding such an amazing, beautiful and by her pictures, talented little girl. I want to let you know something amazing!! Our I 600 has been approved!! All the questions, all of the necessary information, all of the sleepless nights, we are now one step closer to meeting our children!!I am so happy, I think I’m in shock. I was scared with all of the controversy swirling about international adoptions that something might go wrong with the paperwork. Thank God. We are one step closer to bringing our children to their future.I know that Odette is empathetic and is such a happy child that she would be happy knowing two more children in DRC will find a home to be part of and smile in.I’ll stay in touch. I LOVE your blog. I share Odette’s pictures with my parents to help them understand how well things turn out when families are built through adoption.

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