Gitin’ ‘er done (I hope)

It always seems that the way things work for us is that either nothing is going on or we have everything going on at the same time. It’s looking like for the near future it’s an everything’s going on time around here.

I need to buck up and git ‘er done.

Tomorrow we have an appointment to take Odette for her passport. It is my understanding that this will allow us to change her middle and last names (Odette is her given name for those new around here) in the federal system and that her passport will also serve as official documentation of her citizenship. She is an American citizen since she has been readopted in the state of Indiana, but we now have to have her record updated federally. The two systems don’t communicate, imagine that. So tomorrow is the big day. This step pretty much seals the deal I think that we won’t pursue changing her birthday.

Note to other adoptive parents: While the passport is proof of US citizenship you have to be mindful that they expire. We will be obtaining a Certificate of Citizenship down the road and those never expire. The fact that it runs $600 and requires more paperwork and red tape, we think we will wait and do Odette’s with Little A’s.

Tomorrow we are also touring a new preschool for Odette. It’s kind of a scary world for me to tackle. You would think that as a teacher it would be right up my alley, but it’s not. Odette’s current preschool was something that we just called and registered for. I asked a few questions but since I hadn’t even met the kid before and was a new mom, I was clueless. The price was right. It was convenient. And the fact that it was just for our district’s teacher’s kids made it seem perfect. I’ve since learned that maybe it’s not the best fit for Odette or what I am looking for for her. It will be interesting to see an example of the alternatives available, but nerve-wracking just the same. (I chose my college after visiting just one and it worked out well. I’ve never really thought of it before but maybe I’m someone who is good with good enough until I find a reason not to be. Now that’s a strange discovery.) We’ll see how it goes. We’ve heard really good things about the school and from what I’ve gathered in talking to them it is at least sounding like a better fit. It is a good thing that we aren’t talking about any of the preschools that require applications, interviews, and wait lists.

The third thing going on right now is a real doozy. Can you say home study update? I almost get hives thinking about it. It’s not that I worry about cleaning my house from top to bottom, exposing every detail about my life to a stranger, or even putting on a facade that we are perfect parents, it’s the work. Holy cow is it work. New financial documents to gather, new medical forms to have filled out, new criminal background checks, new flipping fingerprints (seriously one of the most baffling hoops to jump through), and on and on. To be perfectly honest though what irks me the most is that I find it offensive. Ok, let me back it up. I totally know that they are important and why they are done. Yada yada. I just hate strongly dislike that we have to prove ourselves worthy of parenting to the extent which is required. So here we go. Off on another adventure in the journey of adoption.

I’m gonna saddle up and hold on tight.

Now, what does one wear to tour a preschool?




4 thoughts on “Gitin’ ‘er done (I hope)

  1. You’re able to get a passport without the certificate of citizenship? I was told that, that wasn’t possible – but then again I’m convinced that immigration is the worst.

    • We are still waiting for it to process, but we were never asked to provide it. It will take 4-6 weeks before we have the passport. I’ll let you know.

      • Thanks. The whole process is so confusing, I wish there was a clear indication of what to do – or at least an easier way to get ahold of people at immigration.

  2. Hi, I’m Marie from France. Raphaël’s mom born in Kinshasa. I’m very happy to see pictures from Kin. Your daughter is very cute 😉 It remembers me our first year with my son.
    I’ve read the post about your gotcha day. Many feelings comes back ! He spoke lingala also but he was not from the same orphanage. He’s 6 years old officially but really 9 months or 12 more. We didn’t change his birthdate. There’re not many differences with his schoolmates and it ‘s easyer for school. But, many times he has more maturity about relationship between people, about life, about his own story.
    I wish you the best with Odette.

    Marie Raphaël’s mom since 11/14/11 (16 months ! i’m still counting)

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