Happy Easter!

With all that we’ve had going on around here it happened that Easter pretty much snuck up on us.  We broke for spring break last Friday and it gave us exactly 3 days to cram in as much Easter fun as possible.

We took an untraditional approach to teaching Odette the how-tos of an egg hunt.  We were out-of-town visiting my very dear grandma in the hospital when the eggs got spread around the room and we counted down 3,2,1 before she ran and collected them.


Then we braved the cold Saturday morning for the big Easter egg hunt at church.  We might have milked Odette’s official age to register her for the 0-3 area.  Shhh.



Just like that her basket went from empty to full.


And by the luck of the draw, Odette was the grand prize winner!


After the hunt it was finally time to get our eggs colored.  We couldn’t skip out on that tradition.


(Not beginning a debate or opening a can of worms)

Jeff and I weren’t too sure what our stance on the Easter bunny was going to be.  I think he is incredibly creepy and takes away from the meaning of Easter (yes, we did Santa, yada yada, just go along with me).  We didn’t really talk to Odette about an Easter basket or getting any candy and gifts.  She helped me pick it out, but I didn’t really explain anything to her.  When she walked down the stairs Easter morning and saw her basket she didn’t even know who it was for.


(Have I shared that I am over our orange kitchen?  Any volunteers to paint it for me?  It looks terrible in pictures, glows through the windows at night, and I am guessing it won’t earn us any bonus points on our appraisal.)

DSC_0524                  DSC_0530 - Copy (2)DSC_0532DSC_0535

Once the basket was emptied we went to Mass to celebrate our Risen Lord. Easter is the most beautifully, humbling holiday. We attempted a few pictures at church, but Miss Odette was tired from a busy couple days and hungry so she wasn’t really in the mood.



And before we were out of the parking lot this is how Odette looked.


I hope you had a happy Easter!

And since we are on spring break for the week, this post was written from my beachside cabana with a frozen drink in my hand.   Ok, so that is only in my dreams.  Odette and I are living it up in warm, sunny, central Indiana.  I’ll be back later in the week so share our fun.

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