Praising in the storm

What a week is has for pretty much everyone everywhere.  My heart and prayers go out to all of those who have been affected.  It is so easy during times like these to question, doubt, and even turn against God.  I have most certainly been very guilty of doing those things this week.  But today, in the midst of yet another challenge thrown my way I am finding His blessings.

On Monday I said a final goodbye to my most beloved grandmother.  I was there by her bedside for her final days and hours.  I have started a post devoted just to her, but I have so much yet to process that it may be a while before it is ready to be shared.  While in that hospital room I was so mad at God for a lot of reasons.  It really was the first time that I can recall being truly mad at Him.  I wasn’t disappointed.  I wasn’t let down.  I was furious.  I know He understands.  I know He will not forsake me because of it.  The time I had with my grandma was a blessing no matter the circumstances surrounding it.  The Lord blessed me with the most amazing grandmother.  If she wasn’t so wonderful, it wouldn’t hurt like it does.  Thank you, God, for the incredible woman I got to call grandma.





The Lord continued to rain down his blessings this week, but a little more literally, as I woke this morning to find over 5 inches of standing water in my basement.  I wanted to just curl up in a ball when I turned on the lights to check to see if the dehumidifier needed to be emptied and saw light reflecting off the floor.  Really, God?  You thought I needed this too.  With Jeff out-of-town for work (alarm is set and guard dogs are watching!) I just didn’t know how to begin to tackle the problem.  I did what I do best and dialed the phone and began to sob.  The sump pump has now been replaced, the water has drained, and fans are going.  As soon as I have someone to help lug the massive, rented dehumidifier down the stairs that will be going too.  We are now faced with nasty clean-up, plumber bills, deductible to pay, and insurance hoopla to go through.  The blessing I am finding is that we are safe and it is all just stuff.  Sure, some of it is valuable and some of it was treasured items from long ago.  I am thankful we have insurance coverage and can hopefully have most of the items replaced.  You bet that I did plunge into the freezing water when I saw that the bin of Odette’s keepsakes from Congo had somehow fallen off the table and was floating on its side.  Blessed that I think most of the things are salvageable.


There is also another unspoken prayer request for an amazing woman in my family fighting a health battle.  Thanks for your prayers.

While there is a lot on my plate right now, I know that it is all in His hands.  I will praise Him in the storm.  My life is blessed beyond measure.  Lest, I never forget that.

But God, I’m good for a while now, aren’t I?

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