Ask away

Is there anything that you have wanted to know?  Are you just curious about something?

Now is your time to ask.  I’d love to hear your questions and answer them as best as I can.  *(Let me first add, that I won’t answer any agency specific questions. Sorry about that.  It is just a decision that I have had to make.)  But other than that, as away!

I’ll leave this post up for a while.  Hopefully I get some questions and don’t feel too embarrassed the lack of readers since I haven’t been blogging as much as I used too.  On a good note, school is almost out for the year and I should have some more time on my hands.

Leave your questions in the comments.


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6 thoughts on “Ask away

  1. How do strangers respond when they see you, your husband and Odette together? Do you ever get comments? Has Odette gotten comments from other kids?
    I’m interested in adopting from Africa in the future, but my significant other worries about adopting a black child- worries about how people would respond to our little one, if we would be approached/commented on by idiots, if our little one would get made fun of for having white parents, etc. (It’s horrible that we have to worry about these things, but we do.)

  2. I was wondering, how did you tell Odette about little A? Also, does Odette remember leaving Congo and coming to live with you? Does she still talk about the Congo? Thanks for blogging!

  3. How is odette doing now that she has pretty much been home year? Does she still ask about congo and the people she knew there? What were the biggest adjustments over the past year? I know you can not share to much about your second adoption just curious if things are progressing?

  4. Sarah,
    We are in process of dossier soon to be sent to state and then embassy. So as we are preparing for referrals in the next 6-8 weeks, and we have put up to 5 year old child, I have a few questions. As I have been following blog for about 5 months, and read back to the beginning; I see that Odette has really grabbed on and joined the ride as far as learning English and other basic things a 4 year old needs to know. But, how were the hurdles in the beginning? We know that an older child is what we have been called to welcome into our family. So, I just need a little encouragement and knowledge as to what to expect. And our Congolese princess is half as cute as yours, we are double blessed. Her smile lights my eyes up and that is just on a picture. Our 5 year olds, always love when I read to them what Odette is up to. I think it gives them that tangible link to their sister (or brother if that is what the Lord leads us to.) Thank you for any information brining home a child over 3. Thank you for giving upi your time and continuing to write for those of us addicted.

  5. Hi! I have been following your blog for quite a few months. My husband and I have had a heart to adopt and through your story we are really praying over adopting from the congo. I have a few questions… 1)How did you and your husband reach the decision to finally move forward? We have 2 boys already and we are just waiting on the right time. But we feel like we need to be more financially ready and have a bigger place to live if we’re going to add to our family. 2) did you start fundraising before you applied? 3) were you ever concerned about your safety while in congo? I know the calling to adopt is from The Lord, that if he calls you to it he will equip you for it, I guess I’m just curious what your time in congo was like. Thank you for sharing your story, I have been encouraged by you!

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