Getting in touch with nature

Summer is here and maybe I’ll find myself with more time to blog!

Let’s start with a catch up.  Over Memorial Day weekend we took Odette camping for the first time.  It was kinda funny because we aren’t really big campers.  Jeff and I went camping some earlier in our marriage so we had all the equipment and when the basement flooded I had to set the tent up to dry out.  Odette thought it was super cool.  I decided last-minute that we needed to take advantage of the three-day weekend with cool weather and go camping.  With it being the holiday weekend a campsite was very hard to come by. It involved a lot of refreshing of the page to grab a cancellation before someone else did.  We ended up down at Patoka Lake State Park in southern Indiana.



First job is always to set up the tent.  It had been 5 years, but we got it together lickety-split.



The beds were made and Odette climbed right in to play while it drizzled a bit outside.


Of course we had to show Odette the restroom facilities.


The sun came out and Daddy and Odette practiced letters and colored while I took a run around the park.


Then it was time for a fire and roasting hotdogs for dinner.



For dessert we had chocolate and marshmallow banana boats.  Yum!




And just before it was time to settle into bed we shared a jiffy pop snack.



None of us really slept much, but I was up with the sun and Odette followed shortly.


We made enough noise to wake Jeff and we got started on breakfast.  It was quite chilly still.


Then we hopped in the car and went to a nearby church for Mass.  (Bummed I forgot to get a picture of the church.)


We got back just in time for lunch, campfire pizzas and cherry pie.


Nothing beats a mid-day camping nap followed by some games.


Then we checked out the nature center before going on a hike.



We finished up in time to start dinner, baked potatoes, corn on the cob, steak, and cornbread.


No camping trip is complete without s’mores.  Thanks to the idea on Pinterest, we had Reese’s peanut butter cup s’mores.  Deee to the licious!



By the time we were finished with dinner and dessert it was pretty late.  We put Odette to bed (actually she went into the tent and went to bed on her own) and Jeff and I stayed up by the campfire just talking about life.  It was nice to have no tv, cellphones, or computers to distract us.  We all slept a bit more that night even after all the sugar.  Jeff cooked breakfast for us before we loaded up the tent and called our camping trip a success.


Camping isn’t really Jeff’s cup of tea.  He said we could camp again in 5 years; although it usually doesn’t take too much for me to convince him of something.  We really did all have fun (Jeff included).  Odette had a lot of new experiences, and I got to share with her a lot of things that I love about being out in nature.

And we got home to find Odette’s passport in the mail!  Yay!!!


And of course, a GREAT BIG thank you to all our service men and woman and their families for all of their sacrifices for this beautiful country we live in.

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