With the help of a little paint

Many of you reading this might have no idea why this blog is called Nothing Left to Paint.  I used to have a little About Us section on here and it explained the reasoning, but I have since taken it and a lot of the other pages down because it was too much to keep updated.  Well, here’s the short version.  Jeff and I moved into our current home, our first home, three years ago after having rented various dorms, apartments and townhouses since moving out of our parents’ homes.  With our new-found freedom, we took to painting every square inch of our house, up to and including the inside of our pantry and many of our ceilings.  When we announced our first adoption the joke was that we had nothing left to paint so we might as well grow our family.  Every once in a while we find something around here that can be still be painted.  A few weeks ago we stocked up on spray paint and got busy.

Since last summer I have been commenting that our patio furniture had become drab and worn-down looking.  It is only a few years old, but the finish had worn off from the elements and it was looking pretty tired.  (I feel like just about every post on here these days mentions Pinterest, but here is another one.)  I got the idea from Pinterest that we could spice up our furniture and hold off on replacing it for a few more years.  It was one of those pins that I mentioned to Jeff, but I honestly didn’t know when we would actually get around to doing it.  It’s kind of like the hall closest redo, garage storage system, or stair refinishing project that got pinned and no further attention.  Well my sweet husband surprised me with an offer to paint the patio furniture as part of my Mother’s Day gift.

We bought a ton of spray paint.  He read 2 cans to a chair, but it ended up being way more than we needed.


Unfortunately, I didn’t get any great before pictures, but you can see here what it looked like.

photo 4

And with a little paint and an afternoon’s work, we had progress.        photophoto 2  photo 3

It looked much better, but when we put the old brown cushions on, it looked exactly like what it was, old patio furniture that we painted in an attempt to improve the look. You can see what I mean a little bit here.  I almost regretted painting it.


Thankfully it didn’t take too long to find the perfect cushions to tie it all together.  We went with only the seat cushion because we like the design of the back of the chairs.


chair 2

chair 3

And there you have it.

Dare I say, we have nothing left to paint?  Doubtful.

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1 thought on “With the help of a little paint

  1. I love this blog! I just got presented with a Liebster Award for blogging. One of the rules says you have to choose eleven other bloggers to pass the award on to, so I chose you, Sarah and Jeff and of course, Odette! I hope you’ll accept it! If you click on my name, you should be able to check it out!

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