Good Ol’ Photo Dump

Odette and I survived our first week of summer together.  She lived.  I lived.  And we didn’t make each other crazy.  Ok, so I will admit I was nervous going into this week.  I just didn’t know how it would go.  Odette didn’t really seem to remember us being home together last summer and after having been in preschool all year I figured she would be bored out of her mind without all her friends around.  I have good intentions of having routine and structure for our days.  We’ll see how that goes as the summers progress.

So here is what we were up this week.

I started out as super mom with educational time.  And by that I mean putting in Leap Frog Letter Factory.  Eh, there’s always next week.


We did work on reading her BOB books.


And then hit up the library to get a jump start on the summer reading program.


We had our first picnic of the summer at the school Odette will go to in a couple years.


We couldn’t leave without practicing the monkey bars.  She is working so hard to master them.


I might have had a silent cheer when Jeff got home from work.


Tuesday I had a dentist appointment, so Odette got to hang out of daddy for a bit.  Afterwards we went to lunch together.  Yum.  Wich Wich.


Odette and I start our days on the patio for breakfast.  (and a little reading)


We do lots of playing.


This picture reminds me of an amusing conversation we had this week about sunburns.  Needless to say, it isn’t a concept she is familiar with.


I think it is stinking adorable that she waters flowers by almost giving the blossoms a drink.


We played Wich Wich.


After reading Fancy Nancy, Odette has been eating with her pinky out.  (and as it was pointed out on Facebook, she does open her bananas upside down.  If your kids struggle with opening bananas themselves teach them to open them like monkeys.   Turn it over and pinch the end to peel.)


She had her 4 year well check.  She clocked in at 41 lbs and 43 inches tall.



She requested to have her 3 shots in her arms instead of her legs and took them like such a champ. She talked all week about being tough and not crying.  We told her that she could cry, but her little determined self just winced with each one.


A little reward for her bravery.


Jeff captured a sweet moment with my little girl.


Friday we played a little school.


And climbed the tree at a friend’s house.


I hope that your week was as great as ours was!

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3 thoughts on “Good Ol’ Photo Dump

  1. Really like the sticker on your car. Odette is just awesome. Looks very lady like at the doctor.
    Tough girl!
    She looks strong would be good at ice hockey or soccer.

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