My really good reason

There’s a really good reason why I haven’t blogged in a while.  I promise there is.  Ok, there isn’t.  I have just been lazy.  But that is what summer is all about, right?  Especially for a teacher.  And most especially for a teacher who knows that next summer I will have 3 times as many kids to entertain.  Oy!

I thought I would give a little look into what we have been up to this summer.


Odette had a consultation to have her umbilical hernia repaired.  She will go under the knife next week.  She is very self-conscious about her little outie, so we went ahead and scheduled her surgery this year instead of putting it off another year.


I’ve been trying to be more intentional with working with Odette on her letters and letter sounds as well as her numbers.  She’s got most of her letters and sounds down, but needs more work on numbers.


You can’t let summer pass without going to a baseball game.  And what’s a baseball game without a ballpark hotdog?  Too bad we got dumped on in the 6th inning and had to leave before fireworks.


As if we didn’t have enough fun in the rain, we took to the nearby farm and picked blueberries and black raspberries in the rain in the following day.


The delicious black raspberry cobbler and blueberry waffles made it all worthwhile!


Odette is working hard to earn her prizes for the library’s summer reading program.  Being a first grade teacher, I absolutely count her reading the pictures.  She sat outside one morning and “read” both of those huge princess books in nearly their entirety.  (But, yes we do read to her as well.)


Then to show she’s got brains and brawn, she took a break to shoot some baskets.


Can you believe we just took our first trip to the zoo (and butterfly garden) of the summer this past week?    You might remember that we went twice a week last summer.


At the rate our household is soon to be changing, we are working to instill more independence in Little Miss.  Along with doing more chores, she now has all of her dishes and silverware down where she can reach them.  I just need to teach her how to cook for her herself and we are all set.  : )  Who am I kidding? She should cook for all of us.


And be still Daddy’s heart.  Someone is ready for football season.  She decided today to create her own outfit instead of wearing her ND cheerleading outfit.  That’s always how it goes.  Buy her play food and she uses rocks and grass, buy her a superhero cape and she uses a pillowcase.  When will we learn?

On deck for this week, dance camp.  Odette has never done any type of dance class before and I am probably the furthest thing from a dance mom that there is.  This should be interesting.

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2 thoughts on “My really good reason

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