It’s a…

Monday was the big day for my 20 week ultrasound.

photophoto 2

Let me tell you, this little baby was not in the mood to cooperate.  I am cool with that.   Get it all out of your system now wee one.

My ultrasound ended up being over an hour, and I felt like a human punching bag by the time they (yes, they called in backup) were finished.  Odette went with us, and she loved seeing the baby on the screen.  We got to see the tiny foot, hands, and profile of its cute face.  We saw it kick, swallow, and even hold its hands like it was praying.  Unfortunately, the baby was being shy and had its hands covering its face nearly the entire time.  We asked not to be told the gender, and instead had them write in down in an envelope.  They were so good about telling us when we might want to look away from the screen.  Although I am pretty confident we wouldn’t know what we were looking at anyway.

We met with the doctor afterwards and she said the baby is measuring right as it should.  My due date is still Christmas Day, December 25th, and the baby is weighing about 11 oz.  Woah.  I also learned something new today.  Through the first 20 weeks the baby is measured in length only from the top of its head to its little bottom.  So when I read that the baby is about 6 1/2 in. that doesn’t include the legs.  Holy cow.  I feel like I am big, but don’t feel like I could have something that size inside of me.  I left clinching the prized envelope.

photo 3

A friend picked it and the silly string up a couple hours later.  Surprisingly, I wasn’t even tempted to peek.  We wanted to have the suspense build for a while, so we didn’t plan for our reveal to be until the next day.


We reminded Odette, blue is boy and pink is girl.










It’s a GIRL!!

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5 thoughts on “It’s a…

  1. How adorable!! I love how you chose to reveal the gender to yourselves and the world 🙂
    We recently found out we are having a BOY!! I’m due January 4th… Christmas can’t come soon enough :):):)
    –Janelle 🙂

  2. That made me tear up!! 🙂 congrats!! If you feelbig now just you wait!! I’m 38 and 4 and feel ginormous!! Congrats again!!!

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