The Great Adoption Update

But don’t get very excited.  It’s not too great, nor is it very “updatey”

Let’s see. What haven’t I really shared?

Little A is officially ours!  He has our last name!  The entire Congolese court process is complete!  We have all of our documents and also have them translated.  But, we have not actually filed our I600 (petition to classify an orphan as an immediate relative) yet.  Once we have that I600 approval, our file is sent on to Congo for investigation and review by the Embassy.  The current timeline for investigations is about 3-6 months and then you have the visa interview and wait for it to be issued.  So we are getting closer, but have a ways to go.  Our I600 paperwork binder is completely assembled.  All the forms are filled out and signed, yet we haven’t sent ours in…

This is where things get a little sticky.  We are holding out on sending in our paperwork until we complete one more step.  We are having a third party investigation done to confirm the information we have on A.  We are thrilled that the investigation is beginning very soon, and we should have report back in a couple of weeks.  No, this investigation won’t really assist at all in the Embassy’s investigation.  The third party investigation was recommended to us by our organization, and we jumped at the opportunity.  Not only do we want as much information about A as possible (Oh, how I wish we had that for Odette, but that’s a post for another day.), but we also want to dot some i’s and cross our t’s before the case is under Embassy scrutiny.  I do think that there will be some additional paperwork needed, and quite honestly there are some answers that we need.  And while there aren’t words to accurately articulate our dreams of having A in our family in the future, we ABSOLUTELY want to ensure that he truly is in need of a forever family and that there is NO CORRUPTION involved in his adoption.

So what does this mean?  It means that by about mid-September we should have an idea quite bluntly, if A will be able to join our family or not.  It is incredibly hard to think about, but it is the reality in all adoptions and especially in Congo.  If things look good, we will gather any additional documents that the Embassy might want to see and then submit our I600.  As I said, the timeline is 3-6 months from approval.  There is no way that A will be here before the baby.  Wow.  It’s incredible how life can take such a sharp turn.  Here we thought we’d be celebrating Christmas as a family of 4 this year with Odette and A.  We had no idea that God’s real plan is Odette and baby.  If I had to guess I would say it could easily be spring before A comes home.  That would mean updating all of our clearances and having a new home study written.  The great part of that is that I would get to travel.  (And yes, I know that there is a lot of back and forth about DGM requiring both parents to travel.  Luckily for us, I will no longer be pregnant and want nothing more than for us to make the trip together to get A.)  And if by some chance the investigation comes back and the news is not favorable for our adoption, we will be asking for your prayers.  I know that God will lead and guide us through the journey no matter what the end is. I have no clue what the process would look like to unadopt him in DRC.  I pray I don’t have to learn.

**And unfortunately I am unable to pass along any information on the person conducting our private investigation.  But I do encourage families to have an investigation done.  I don’t believe that it could put all adoptions from DRC in jeopardy, as I was once told.  We have to advocate for our children.

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