The goings on around here

Whoosh, it has been a long time since a picture has adorned a post of mine.  I’ll do my best to make up for that tonight.  With school starting, baby prepping, housework (who am I kidding, that’s been done less than pictures on the blog), and just life I suppose, things have been quiet on here.  Let me try to catch you up.

I honestly can’t remember if I blogged about it before or not and I’m too lazy to look, but before school started we took Odette to Chuck E Cheese for some last minute summer fun.  I know some of you can’t imagine ever stepping foot in that place, but for 20 bucks for dinner and a couple of hours of fun it’s worth it to me.  I do miss the robotic band from when I was little.  I don’t miss the stinky ball pit.


This child is weird.  Here she is reading under the counter in her (soon to be known as the kids’) bathroom.


Who can let opening week of high school football pass without catching a game?  Not us.  Jeff loves that he has instilled a liking of football into Odette.  But in keeping it real, I will share that while he was trying to teach her about the down markers she was asking about the bows in the cheerleaders’ hair.


Operation nursery is in full effect.  Turns out the room is smaller than we had been thinking in our minds so there wasn’t room for my grandpa’s old dresser after all.  I was pretty bummed.  Luckily we found a smaller one at a local consignment shop.  We have (actually it has already been completed) great plans to refinish it.


And I’m fully aware that many of you readers have the impression that Odette is perfect.  Yes, I tend to publish those pictures for a reason.  She really is incredibly well behaved about 95% of the time.  But with school starting and not enough sleep, she sometimes turns into this (a typical 4 year old).


After lots of practice last year and lot and lots of determination, she finally reached the block on the rope (which is as high as even the big girls are allowed to go) at gymnastics!


Those of you who have been readers for a long time know of Odette’s affinity for the zoo.  Well she has been asking for quite some time to get her face painted there.  I am a pretty no fun mom when it comes to messy, drippy, sweaty, just-begging-to-stain-clothes face paint, but I caved and allowed Odette to use her prized tooth fairy money, plus far too much of ours, to get her face painted.  This was after she found the money that she hid to “keep it safe”. She was absolutely thrilled for about 4 hours and then she decided that she’d had enough of its sticky, drippy, itchy mess.



With school being back in session, we have less time together as a family.  We have been trying to be more intentional with our evenings and weekends to make up for this.  One of Odette’s favorite things is to go on a donut picnic to the park and get the chance to perform on the big stage for the audience (just Jeff and I).  This kid belongs on a stage.


The aforementioned operation nursery requires paint of course.


I went for my 24 week doctor’s appointment (can you believe that????) and noticed a strange reading selection in the waiting room.


Odette has been great about understanding that I am having a baby, but that it won’t be here for a while.  She knows that the baby will arrive around Christmas when the weather is cold.  I had to laugh when she asked to read Snow one night because, ‘the baby comes when it is super cold out.”


And speaking of babies, I just love that this is the doll selection at her new school.  We are very happy with our decision to switch her preschool this year.  I also want to share for all the adoptive parents out there, that we did request after just 3 weeks that she be moved to the older pre-K classroom.  The staff was very supportive of our request and today was her first day in the new room.  It is amazing that in just the 5 minutes we spend in her room during drop off and pick up that we could tell the developmental difference between the older and younger kids.  Not only did Odette tower over the younger ones, but her maturity stood out.  Odette is someone who needs challenged and needs the example set for her.  I’m confident that her new room is the better fit for her.  I’ll keep you posted, but remember that no one knows your child better than you.


Just a picture to make her daddy proud.


And when daddy is traveling, everyone needs a little Princess Sophia in bed with mommy.


I read that the baby now has developed ears and can hear us.  Odette loved finding that out and often asks to sing her lullabies to baby sister.  She is seriously going to be the best big sister to both baby and A.  Side note:  Can you tell how big my belly is in that picture?  Wowsers.  I am overdue on my 24 week belly picture, but I will try to get one tomorrow and post for you soon.


These two have so much fun together!


How about a (really poor quality) before picture of the nursery?


Like I mentioned above Odette is still adjusting to being back in school.  Couple that with skipping weekend naps and watching mommy and daddy work hard to prepare for the baby, and Little Miss has let her behavior slip recently.  She was sent to her room Sunday afternoon and this is how we found her less than 5 minutes later.  Poor thing.


When Jeff and I were pretty much at our wits end with dealing with Odette’s misbehaving when we KNOW she knows better, we decided that we needed to step up our game.  We are moving back to more of a time-in approach with her.  We have seen her withdraw a bit and show more self-doubt than usual.  I know that a lot of children go through that with a new baby on the way, but we know that as adoptive parents we have to be extra attentive to attachment and abandonment issues.  So while part of me wanted her to spend the afternoon in her room after blatantly disobeying us throughout the weekend, I knew that instead we needed to draw her close.  We set aside our plans to finish up the painting of the nursery and even our typical weekend chores so that we could give her our all.  We had so much fun playing Monopoly Jr, napping (much needed), and eating our dinner with chopsticks together.  Sure, toilets need scrubbed, I would like the garage picked up so that I can park my car in there, and the laundry is begging to be put away, but the smiles that we saw on Odette made it all worth while.  So while Odette has been home 16 months and for the most part is perfectly adjusted, we have to remember that the attachment process is lifelong.  We can’t take for granted how far we’ve come.  We’ve got to always look ahead and protect her little heart.


That my friends, brings you up to date.  Other than that, I’ve got a little baby girl kicking away at me at all hours of the day and I love it.  We have no update on A’s private investigation.  I wasn’t expecting anything before mid-month, so we shall see.  I’m holding on and keeping my eyes to the Big Guy.  Thanks for your prayers.

And in case you’re wondering, I’ve determined that this blog post has earned me a bedtime snack.  I have a red velvet cookie calling my name.  Good night, all.

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2 thoughts on “The goings on around here

  1. As I have said once before (if you have a rink some where were you live) she should try to play Ice Hockey. She would make the national team. Most places you can try it for free…
    I have thought for some time that in my “next” life I want to be an orphan, after watching how much fun Odette has. That was until today when I read this not so nice article on Reuters it is in five parts and they have only come to the second part. Quite disturbing.
    Don’t know if you guys follow what happens in DR Congo but Zape orphanage moved into a new place and Sevi the oldest girl when you were there is being adopted, picked up tomorrow.
    Thanks for sharing, I really love to follow Odette and others doing so well when given a chance.
    Wish you all the best.

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