The Big News and Another Setback?

Sorry that I am slow getting back to you. The “tomorrow” I alluded to, did in fact hold big news on the adoption front. A’s i600 immigration approval request was mailed to USCIS! Man, has that been a long time coming. It seemed like the paperwork that has been sitting in the binder since July was going to become a permanent fixture in our living room. It got to the point that it probably needed to be dusted, but I refused to take that step. Anyway, no need to worry about that anymore. It is most likely now in a pile somewhere, dust and all, waiting to be looked over. But, it’s out of our hands and where it needs to be to help bring A home.

A i600 binder

And while I try my best to stay away from Congo Adoption rumor mill and drama, I can’t help but share a prayer request. This alert was released today by the U.S. State Department. Basically, it states that the final DRC immigration authority has suspended all exit letters (needed for adopted Congolese children to leave the country) indefinitely. It is reported that the suspension may last up to a year.

I’m not freaking. I’m not worried. I’m praying. Praying most especially for those in country now ready to come home and those who are so very close to travel. Yes, this is bad news for all of us, but as I have learned, things change in Congo rapidly. No one has any idea yet what will really come of this. It is my fervent hope that the U.S. will continue with their approvals and investigations in the meantime.

Will you join me in prayer? Sure, it’s sad to think of the families waiting for their children to come home, but what is really sad is thinking about all those KIDS waiting to go home. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pray for the hundreds of millions of orphans in the world who will never have a family to go home to.

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6 thoughts on “The Big News and Another Setback?

  1. We join the prayers of many. Know that little A and all of the other pending adoptees are always close in our hearts…. Your faith remains strong and ‘the plan’ will be fulfilled.

  2. Hi Sarah,
    I stumbled across your blog and have been reading, laughing, and crying with your family for over an hour. We filed our i600 on the same day you did! We are hopeful our little girl will be able to come home with us soon! I am heartbroken about this recent news and will be praying for you and your family during this time. Maybe we will be in the Congo at the same time! 🙂 Best – Erika

  3. I saw the alert and immediately went to your blog to see your reaction. I will keep praying for your family and little “A” as he waits to join you all. Your faith and trust in God’s plan is so encouraging!

  4. Sarah and Jeff,

    Anne and I are praying with you, for you and all others waiting to bring their sons and daughters home from the DRC. We clung to Galatians 4:4 “But when the time arrived that was set by God the Father, God sent his Son…” in God’s perfect timing for our Joella. We will pray with this verse in mind, trusting that in God’s perfect timing God will send your son to you as well. Thanks for your authentic faith and articulate writing.

  5. Sarah, I can believe this. We are so close to bringing our kids home and now this! Our kids passed their U.S. Embassy investigation and have their visa appointment 10/23. We were preparing in our heads to spend Thanksgiving in DRC.Sounds to me like last weeks NBC report about the “re-homing” on kids from “disrupted adoptions” and Russia’s shutdown has caused this issue. I also believe UNICEF has has a part in this. We have been taking care of our kids foster care since last November and they have been receiving our packages since the beginning of the year. I am praying that they will allow kids who have passed court to come home. The adoption papers say that the adoptions are complete in their eyes. I want to stay positive. I do. Here we were making final preparations to bring the kids home and now everything is in question again. I am with you. I will pray and pray. I will not freak. i have sent messages to the U.S. Kinshasa Embassy and Ambassador Susann Jacob’s office to see what they can find out. I am praying for all of the kids.

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