Rice and Beans and Metal Rings, Oh My!

Odette’s preschool did a unit on cultures around the world during the month of September and hosted a mulitcultural potluck as a concluding celebration.  All throughout the unit I asked Odette if she wanted to take any of her pictures, books, videos, or souvenirs from Congo into school to show her friends and teachers but always got the same, no. I walked the fine line of trying to encourage and support her heritage, while at the same time respecting that maybe she just wanted to be like the rest of her class who simply learned what the teachers taught them.  So when the potluck rolled around I decided that we would set an example for Odette and honor Congo by our participation.  Believe me I really didn’t want to.  It was on a Friday evening, we’ve never cooked anything Congolese before, and I knew that the event would evoke lots of curiosity about Congo and adoption and allow me the privilege of educating others require me to talk to strangers.  Alas, setting the example for Odette won out.  Our first job was to quickly figure out what to take.  We asked Odette about food she ate in Congo and all we could get out of her was rice and beans mixed up together and fufu.  And while we didn’t have the chance to have any while we were in DRC I have heard that fufu isn’t usually the most widely appealing food and because we wanted to reflect Congo in a positive light we opted to stick with rice and beans.  A quick google search turned up this recipe and we made it a few days before as a test run.  We let Odette be the connoisseur and tell us what she thought.  She instructed us that you needed to mix it up together before eating, but gave it a thumbs up.  And of course you can’t represent Congo without Fanta



This past weekend Jeff was gone so Odette and I declared it a fun girls weekend.  This was our agenda.


Here’s the trouble we got into.

Dunkin Donuts came through for Odette with both a pink and a Halloween one.  Poor momma on the other hand had to go without my peanut donut.


I have been wanting to take Odette to Conner Prairie for some time, but just couldn’t see paying full admission price not knowing if she would would be interested.  Smithsonian Magazine’s Fee Museum Day came at the perfect time.   Be sure to spot the metal rings as mentioned in the title.



Her favorite


Her least favorite


After the morning picture extravaganza I put my phone away and just went about our fun.  We spent over 2 jam-packed hours at Conner Prairie before coming home for lunch and nap.  Odette needed some new cooler weather pjs (not pictured) for an upcoming pajama day at school and went to no fewer than 4 stores in search of the perfect pair.  We picked up pizza for dinner and called it a night.  It was capped off by a popsicle and sleeping in bed with mommy.  (EXTREMELY rare around here)


By the time Jeff pulled into the driveway Sunday evening our list looked like this.


These weekends with just Odette are quickly coming to an end.  Hoping to make the best out of another one this weekend.  Happy Friday!

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4 thoughts on “Rice and Beans and Metal Rings, Oh My!

  1. Hi Sarah, I look at your blog quite often with my daughter. I am from the Democratic Republic of Congo and your adoption journey is amazing and inspirational! The loso (rice) and madesu (beans) reminded of back home! It is a delicious meal. And you were right, you can’t represent Congo without Fanta! We do love it! Congratulations on the addition of baby Briar to the family ! Bana na yo baza kitoko ! (Your children are beautiful!) I’m touched to see how close Congo is to your family’s heart.

    Nzambe a pambola yo..(May God bless you) !

  2. I hear ya! We are trying to cram in lots of Landon time before baby arrives. My usually relaxing weekends (because daddy pretty much takes the reigns) are becoming exhausting! But still full of fun. 🙂

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