This post really contains pictures

It probably won’t contain many words.  Just major picture overload. 

“Mommy, we’re twins”


Pumpkin Patch 2013


No caption necessary


Pumpkin Patch with her preschoolIMG_1020IMG_1021

Gorgeous school picture


Carving her pumpkin at home


Halloween marked two years since we got our referral and first picture of Odette.


The forecast called for strong winds and storms on Halloween night so our town moved trick or treating to November 1.  In return, Odette’s Halloween party at school was moved to October 31.  She had never heard of a mummy before and was very reluctant to participate in this activity.   



The timing of her new highly dentist recommended toothbrush was perfect.


Odette and Daddy had fun trick or treating while I stayed home and passed out candy.


We’ve only been there since August, and out of the entire school we are family of the month…I have many thoughts on that. Most importantly, could they have selected a worse picture?


My belly is getting huge.  I now have just 6 weeks until my due date.  Probably should write more about the pregnancy.  As this picture shows, baby girl loves hanging out on my right side.  Like.always.


Making her first PB&J.  I am hoping to get her doing many more things independently.  We worked hard to nip that when she first came home to show her that we were her caregivers, but she is totally ready for it. 


Out little beauty fell asleep on our way to our photo shoot. 


We had our first snowfall earlier this week.  This is how I celebrated.


Odette tore open her curtains with excitement looking for the dusting. 


So the post was pretty lame.  It has little story behind the pictures, but I feel better about being somewhat caught up.  The days, weeks, and months are flying by.  We are keeping extremely busy, and I am getting more and more tired as the days go on.  Baby girl’s room is just about finished, and we are all dreaming about what she will look like.  We continue to wait on our i600 approval.  I expectantly rip open the mailbox each day looking for THE envelope.  I have considered checking the neighbors boxes as well since we were told 3 weeks ago that our officer was hoping to get to it “by the end of the week or early the next.”  But in all honesty, our hearts and minds are at peace with the wait.  We long to meet our boy just as much as our baby girl, but we’ll hang on for as long as it takes.


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1 thought on “This post really contains pictures

  1. I can’t believe you only have 6 weeks left!!!! I haven’t forgotten about getting back to you about hospitals. I promise I will soon! Maybe you will have made your choice by then. :/ we didn’t decide until 2-3 weeks before due date! :/

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