Checking in

Well, I’m here. We’re here. We are all alive and well. And delirious from lack of sleep. Major props to all you moms of newborns out there. This parenting (and nursing) a just-born baby is C.R.A.Z.Y hard. Quite possibly the hardest thing I have ever done.

I’ve likened it to running a marathon in reverse. I think of the actual race as the celebration. It’s the reward for all the hard work. Sure, it is a huge task, but exhilarating nonetheless. The most difficult part of a marathon is the training, especially those dreaded 20 mile runs. For me, childbirth was one of the most beautiful, divine, exhilarating, glorifying, empowering, and awesome things I have accomplished. And the medal I now wear around my neck is gorgeous. : ) However, now we’ve moved on to those damn long, long training runs, or the long, long days and nights as the case actually is.

As the sun sets each evening I get a little bit anxious thinking of the night ahead of me. Thankfully, as it has been promised, the sun rises each morning and pours through the window and I look into the eyes of this beautiful baby girl and I have an overwhelming sense of joy, happiness and determination.

So a belated Merry Christmas to you all! I might as well just go ahead and wish you a Happy New Year too since the chance of me being around before then is probably quite slim. Our Christmas was wonderful. At one point I looked over at Briar sleeping soundly (a Christmas miracle) and at Odette marveling at her presents and I whispered to Jeff that this is exactly what I wished my Christmas morning could be. I hope you found yourself as blessed as I did.

I’m currently laying on the couch next to the dimly lit Christmas tree with a now 6 pound (!!) Briar snoozing away on top on me. Odette and Jeff are quietly playing with one of her gifts while dinner cooks in the oven. I thought I’d take advantage and pop by with what I hope are a few semi-coherent sentences to catch you up.

While most of our pictures are on the real camera and it hasn’t been plugged in for months, I did find a couple if pictures on my phone that I will leave you with.





3 thoughts on “Checking in

  1. Your girls are beautiful! Love seeing new pics and appreciate you taking time to share with us. I hope you are able to get some more rest. It gets easier…. Or you become used to the crazy feeling you get from lack of sleep. Best wishes in the new year!!!

  2. It is tough right now Sarah. But it will get better, and a little easier. You never really know how hard those first weeks are until you actually do it! Once she sleeps through the night you will feel a little more like a human being again. Luke was sleeping through the night before he got sick. So I am working HARD on trying to get back there! Both of my boys slept through the night around 7 weeks! I hope your Little Miss will soon!

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