How about a look at the nearly finished nursery we put together for Miss B? I don’t know about you, but other than pictures of the faces of sweet babies, nurseries are my favorite thing to check out when there’s a new little one. While hanging out in there today I snapped a few pictures to post. I have much better pictures on the real camera but its gotten no closer to making its way to being connected to the computer for a massive (like since October) upload. So it goes with this season of life. That’s kinda become my mantra. Reminding myself repeatedly that this is a passing moment in time and I need to soak it in and make the best of it instead of dwelling on the challenges and diversions from my euphoric expectations.

But anyway, on to the pictures. We started putting this together early on. The inspiration for the colors was the blanket on the glider. It was unique and unexpectedly feminine.


From there, we ordered bedding and used it to color match the paint for the wall and dresser. The tiny Nikes were mine when I was little and the pink dress was actually worn by my mom and me. (Sweater was bought just for color.)


After lots of trail and error we finally mastered the strategy for the chevron wall. It was a handful of weekends to make it happen. It didn’t help that the yellow we first used was too buttercup-y and had to be repainted twice.

I love the end product.





I have to include a shot of her adorable bunny rocker from Grandma for Christmas. Odette is chomping at the bit to get Briar on it.


Now on to my most favorite part of the room.


So there you have it. It is just about complete. I want to order a canvas of one of her newborn pictures and have a set of mirrors to hang once I’ve decided where. Oh and blackout curtains will be added ASAP.



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