Adoption Timeline

Oct 2009- Know in our hearts we would adopt from Africa

June 2011- Request agency applications/research country programs

July 2011- Begin this blog

Aug 20, 2011- Announce to our families

Aug 25, 2011- Submit agency and home study applications

Sep 8, 2011- Home study orientation

Sep 10, 2011- Accepted into DRC program with Wasatch International Adoptions

Sep 12, 2011- Jeff has home study physical

Sep 14, 2011- Sarah has home study physical

Oct 10, 2011- First home study interview and home visit

Oct 10, 2011- Jeff’s home study interview

Oct 18, 2011- Sarah’s home study interview

Oct 31, 2011- Submit our home study

Oct 31, 2011 (hours later)- Receive THE CALL!  We are matched with 3 year old girl named Odette.  In love immediately!

Nov 8, 2011- Odette has blood tests

Nov 10, 2011- Our home study is officially accepted

Nov 18, 2011- Receive our official referral for Odette

Dec19, 2011 (Jeff’s birthday) – Mail our i600a to the USCIS

Dec 30, 2011- Receive first round of offical paperwork from the Congo for Odette (Abandonment Decree, the Verbal Minutes of Guardianship, and the Act of Consent)

Jan 3, 2012- Hep A and Polio booster for Sarah (already had Hep B and TDAP, no new MMR was needed) (Still need yellow fever and typhoid shots)

Jan 5, 2012- Received USCIS fingerprint appointment notice

Jan 12, 2012- Had USCIS biometric fingerprints for the i600a.  We went 2 weeks before our scheduled appointment.  They weren’t happy, but we got them done.

Jan 12, 2012- Judgement of Adoption was issued

Feb 1, 2012- Received our i600a approval

Feb 27, 2012- Received Acte of Adoption via email

Mar 6, 2012- Submitted i600

Apr 2, 2012- Received i600 approval (I-797)

Apr 5, 2012- Yellow Fever vaccination

Apr 5, 2012- Got news of our embassy date (drop off April 26 and interview May 1)

Apr 26, 2012- Embassy paperwork dropoff appointment

Apr 30, 2012- Odette has her embassy interview (moved up a day)

May 1, 2012- Mail our visa applications to Washington D.C.

May 3, 2012- Receive our visas in the mail

May 3, 2012- Odette’s visa is issued

May 4, 2012- Book our flights

May 9, 2012- Depart for Congo

May 10, 2012- Arrive in Congo

May 11, 2012- Gotcha Day!

May 11, 2012- Exit letter is ready

May 15, 2012- Depart for U.S.

May 16, 2012- Arrive in U.S. as a family of 3!

May 20, 2012- Odette turns 3 years old!


13 thoughts on “Adoption Timeline

  1. Randomly stumbled across your adoption video on YouTube while preparing to leave for our international adoption. We are friends with another adoptive family who is just waiting on the funds to bring their two boys home from the Congo. So I decided to check out the blog listed at the end of the video. So glad I did! It is encouraging to see a successful toddler adoption. Our little boy will be 3 the day after Christmas and will be home for about a month at that point. Thank you for sharing your journey.

    p.s. It’s even more interesting that I do believe we live quite close to each other. At least based on the conner prairie and cold stone creamery references.

    • We were in the Congo in kinshasa on jan 2013 to pick up our son after a 4 year wait I am always happy to see anther child from the Congo here in the USA

  2. I just discovered your blog. What a beautiful story. We are in the process of adopting from Congo. We have been waiting for our referral for 5 months. With this past weekend’s news of Congo suspending exit letters your blog is a treasure to my heart. Reminding me to hold on. God has a beautiful plan. Your video of bringing Odette home is amazing. Thank you for sharing. I’m excited to read more and see all the Lord is doing in your family!

  3. I am so glad to have come across your blog. My husband and I are finally ready to make the steps to move ahead with adoption, either the Congo or Ethiopia. This gives me so much hope, even though the process and is long and painful. Please keep sharing your story…it gives those of us just starting a light at the end of an unpredictable and scary tunnel.

  4. My husband and I are currently researching agencies to adopt from the DRC. We have looked at Wasatch. Could you send me an email about your experience with them and if you would recommend them or not. Thanks!

  5. Thank you for adopting Odette i’m from Congo also and i did leave when i was as young as her you just save that little girl life may God bless you.

  6. Sarah,
    We started our adoption process at almost the exact same time as you did. You can’t imagine how encouraging it is to see someone on the other side of all of the documents, appointments, and waiting. We just received a referral last week for a sweet toddler named Philippe. I’m praying that we’ll be able to add pictures and stories to our blog similar to the ones of your precious Odette!

    Thanks for continuing to post even though I know you’re super busy!

  7. Well, we haven’t really stayed in touch since high school, but I saw a picture of Africa on your facebook, and have since found out about your adoption. Congratulations! We are also in the adoption process, from Ethiopia. We started our process in April 2010 and are currently still waiting for a referral :-/ Know that we will be in prayer for you and Jeff as you bring home a new member of your family!

    • Hey, thanks Dan! We first fell in love with Africa through Ethiopia. We were inquiring about their program when we were led to DRC. I will be praying for you and all of those who have been waiting a long time for their child(ren). I can’t imagine how painful that would be. Adoption is an amazingly wonderful but emotional process. It would be so neat to get our kids together some day. Very big world made small.
      Take care,

      • We go through the Indy area on a fairly regular basis, and some good friends of ours are moving to Noblesville in the near future, so it would definitely be cool to get together sometime, and I certainly hope your adoption moves quickly!

  8. We are just starting to look into adoption agencies and researching DRC. I have really enjoyed reading your blog. Thank you, Beth

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